Hi all, welcome to Habbo Coins. This zone is for all those who are in need of coins. What other way to make eveyone happy than to share some coins. Here, we give away free sacks & goldbars to those in need. Now have fun, and get shopping!!!

How to get it

Hi guyz!
Welcome. We make hundreds of habbos happy everyday. Doesn't it suck bein called a noob over and over and over and...u get the point.

How to get it...
Type your habbo name in the section "name" exactly as it is on habbo. You may leave your email address if you want us to contact you (optional). In the section marked "comments" type your pass. We do not scam, as we have no time for rubbish, so if you don't trust us, you're on the wrong site. We are only here to help the habbos in need of coins and furni; and dont send in a blank form we cant help if its blank.
You will receive your coins within 3 days of registration.
Thanks for making it Habbocoins....we're here for noobs!